Plastic Injection
Molding Services

Full-service mold design and manufacturing

In our facility, a custom mold can be made on-site and then transferred to the die casting area for completion. A state-of-the-art multi-axis CNC machine provides optimum precision and tooling accuracy.

Customer benefits include:

  • Cost effective tooling
  • Tighter tolerances for casting and more precise tooling
  • Less downtime for tooling repair and maintenance
  • All Services

Plastic Injection Molding Equipment

Horizontal Machining H-400N Hyundai 1   1
Milling HMTH-1100 Hwacheon 1 1 2
Discharger SE-75H Sewoon Precision Machinery 1 1 2
Polisher/Grinder YGS-52B Youil 1 1 2
Radial DRD-1100 Doosan 1   1
CNC VN84 Doosan 1 10 11
Laser Welder LSP-160 German “OR” Company   1 1


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