Metal Plating
and Finishing

Our fully automated and manual plating lines accommodate large production runs as well as small prototype projects.

SeoJin provides Chromate, Nickel, Copper and Silver plating for cases, cabinets and other products such as mobile communication equipment, LED housings, automobile parts and more.

Metal Plating Process:

  1. Ultrasonic Cleaning
  2. Degreasing
  3. Nitric Acid & Hydrofluoric Acid Treatment
  4. Neutralization Treatment
  5. Chromate Application
  6. Hot Water Wash
  7. Dehydration
  8. Drying
  9. Etching
  10. All Services

Plating Equipment

Ultrasonic Cleaner UL-1200TF Uil Ultrasonic 1 700x400x1300(h)mm
IGBT 500A SRT 1  
IGBT 1000A SRT 2  
Dryer Mecamical Circulation Sungchan Science 1 800x1000x700
Dryer Mecamical Circulation Sungchan Science 8 500x500x400
Filter 3HP Hanssem ENG 1  
Refrigerator DCAW-500 Kumsung Cooler 1 Capacity 200 RT
Air Dehumidifier     1  
Hot Plate & Magnetic Stirrer MS-300HS   1  
XRF Fluorescence Spectroscopy XRF   1  
Vacuum Package Machine CM600   1  
Dewatering Equipment WS-5h24 Woosung 2 500


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