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SeoJin System provides custom-made machine parts to the exact specifications and expectations of its customers.

We have nearly1000 CNC machines for machining ultra-high tolerance parts with complex geometries. SeoJin engineers, machinists and quality control specialists have extensive experience with high precision CNC machining technologies for a wide range of highly engineered alloys. We also have high power presses ranging from 20 tons to 400 tons press process.

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CNC Machines (Korea)

Die Casting
Brother 266
Diamond-Tipped Cutter 50
Other 12


CNC Machines (Vietnam)

Die Casting
Brother 266
Fanuc 490
UGint 54
UGint (4 simultaneous drills) 40
Hyundai-Wia 29
Diamond-Tipped Cutter 50
Other 12


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Precision Machining for Automotive Parts

SeoJin System manufactures automotive precision machined parts to OEM specifications.

We recently purchased additional property for future expansion and plan to build manufacturing facilities in 2017 exclusively for automotive parts and heavy duty industrial products manufacturing.

Industrial Products Precision Machining

SeoJin System offers all types of precison machining for industrial products, including milling, drilling, grinding, bending, balancing and welding.

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