Telecom Projects

Cabinets & Cases for Telecom & Network Equipment

Seojin System specializes in the manufacture of aluminum alloy cases and cabinets for communication equipment and electronic products. Our product range includes housings for electric circuits and communications components, junction boxes, computer server boxes, control cases, network server cabinets and enclosures for signal repeaters and booster systems.

As a trusted supplier to leading mobile communications equipment and electronics manufacturers, SeoJin provides cost competitive solutions, advanced technologies, reliable products and a consistent commitment to quality.

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Telecom Products

  • Power Supply Cabinets
  • Control Enclosures
  • Communication Cable Harnesses
  • Cell Phone Cases

SeoJin manufacturers cabinets, cases and enclosures that protect telecom and network equipment, including power supplies, RRU and RRH filters, controls and repeaters, from environmental damage. Our low manufacturing costs provide our OEM customers with a competitive advantage.

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